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4-inch Hole Saw Home Depot is popular nowadays. People also prefer 4-inch Hole Saw Harbor Freight. There is 4-inch Hole Saw Lowes. When it comes to DIY projects, a hole saw is one of the most useful tools. It cuts through many different types of materials and can even be used for cutting hollow shapes. However, just like any other power tools, you need to know how to properly maintain your hole saw to ensure it works at its optimal performance for years to come. This DIY review will show you how to repair a broken guide head using a 4-inch hole saw.

The guide is the part of your hole saw that guides the blade through the wood. Unfortunately, if it becomes damaged or if it no longer has a grip on the wood, it won’t do its job properly. You might accidentally cut a part of the wood instead of the other way around. You might also experience difficulty in closing or opening the saw. If any of these problems occur, you will have to replace your guide head before you can complete any DIY projects.

Before you start working on your saw, you need to lubricate your saw’s blade with mineral oil. However, this might only be necessary if your saw has an automatic blade closer. Otherwise, you can use standard mineral oil. Place some lubrication oil in the guide bar of your saw. The lubricant will keep the blade sliding along the guide and prevent clogs, which is the leading cause of all kinds of cut mistakes.

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Next, remove the blade from your saw. Locate it on the inside of the saw’s handle, next to the trigger. If your saw does not automatically close, take the blade out completely to disassemble it. You should carefully check the blade’s parts that comprise the guide head, especially the locking mechanism, because any cracks or deep scratches will allow access to the parts. If you find any cracks or scratches, you might have to replace the whole blade.

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After ensuring that everything is in good working condition, you can start reassembling your hole saw. Locate the adjustment screws under the rip blade and make sure that you do not turn the adjustment screws while working with the saw. It is possible that you might not get the saw into the “working” position without turning the adjustment screws. Check the blade tension to make sure that it is set properly.

Adjust the blade height to about forty-five degrees. Then, fix the blade onto the saw’s guide head, ensuring it is straight and aligned with the hole. Tighten the tension screws slowly until the saw is stiffly held in its place. If you find that the adjustment screws keep slipping or that the saw is not holding the blade tight enough, you may have to make some additional adjustments.

Lastly, you can test the hole saw to ensure that it is ready for use. You can do this by slowly pushing the saw through the hole. The saw should cut smoothly along the guide rail. If there is any sticking, or if you have to do a lot of adjusting just to cut, then the saw is not ready for use. Always make sure that you use a level before cutting.

Now that you are done with putting the saw together, you should assemble the hole saw. Start with the hole’s front, making sure that the hole saw is lined up with the hole. Line up the fence according to the height of the fence post. Start drilling through the wood at an angle, about thirty degrees from the edge. When you have drilled all the way through, tighten all the screws.

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